Mdoreh hires 3 additional Brokers, partners with RapNet

Mdoreh, on its last meeting with management, Krugar Deen who is the Managing Director decided to hire 3 new brokers  Hassan Khalid, Jennifer Haggar and Adraine Ramona with 0.5%, 0.7% and 0.9%  shares respectively to oversee more transaction on Mdoreh. The brokers were to resume activities on the 5th of July 2017 starting with smaller escrow transactions below $1,000,000 USD.

In the meeting, the managing director, Krugar Deen stressed on the importance of verifying the information of the transaction partners before locking a transaction to avoid fraudulent escrows.


Diamond Trading Network secures transactions against non-delivery risk

RapNet – the Rapaport Diamond Trading Network, is now offering a secure solution for diamond transactions. The new service, provided by will ensure that payments are held in escrow until diamonds are delivered.

“RapNet supplies full service solutions for every step of the diamond sales process. We are ensuring the safety of our members’ transactions in a rapidly expanding electronic trading environment,” said Saville Stern, COO of RapNet.

RapNet is the world’s largest diamond trading network, with daily listings of one million diamonds valued at more than $7 billion. The network connects diamond manufacturers, dealers and jewelers in over 80 countries worldwide. The new Secure Transaction Service offers buyers and sellers added security when trading diamonds.

Working with partners like RapNet, with a common goal to protect our customers, is what our business is about,” said Krugar Deen, managing director of