Who handles the Escrow Transaction?

The Escrow Officer (Broker) is a trained and experienced professional. He or she can provide you with the assistance required to close your transaction quickly and effectively. This professional person may, under the terms of the instructions, make the decision […]

What kind of transaction goes through an Escrow?

Most contracts that involve the transfer, lease, or financing of real or personal property can be placed in Escrow. You may be involved in Escrow not only when you buy or sell a home, but also when you buy a[…..]

Must I hire a broker to oversee my transactions? What if I trust my transaction partner?

If you know your transaction partner, then there is no need for an escrow. Both partner can exchange goods, products or funds without having a third party over see their transactions. An Escrow is a service which provides you with[…..]

What is an Escrow?

Escrow is a service which provides the public with a means of protection in the handling of funds and/or documents. Escrow enables the Buyer and Seller to transact business with each other through a neutral party, thereby minimizing their risk.[…..]

How does Mdoreh protect against fraud?

Mdoreh takes several steps to protect both the Buyer and Seller against fraud: All payments by the Buyer are verified as “good funds” before the Seller is instructed to ship. All shipments are tracked to ensure the Seller shipped and[…..]

How do you deal with intellectual property in cases of software or patents?

Yes. The Seller must provide the Buyer appropriate documentation to prove ownership and rights to transfer. This documentation may include, but is not limited to, the following: software licensing documentation, appropriate software installation keys and codes, ownership transfer forms, patents,[…..]

When should I use Mdoreh?

The services offered through Mdoreh support most online transactions. It’s ideal for exchanging higher-end items (above $500 in value) that merit the security and peace of mind that Mdoreh delivers. Typically, our customers use our service when the Buyer and[…..]

What is the verification of “good funds” or “secured funds”?

When you buy an item at a store with a check or credit card, you are promising that the money is available in your account. The store doesn’t receive the money for up to 10 banking days later. Sending a[…..]

What forms of payment does Mdoreh accept

Mdoreh accepts wire transfers and in some cases, PayPal. PayPal and Credit cards are accepted only for Premier Service level, have a maximum allowable amount of $5,000.00 and are subject to Mdoreh approval. Money order and check payments have a[…..]