Mdoreh changes Cryptocurrency Escrow to 4 SEP.

Initially a 3 Stage Escrow Process (S.E.P), have decided to change the operations of the Crypto currency Escrow to a 4 Stage Escrow Process. The Managing director of Mdoreh, Krugar Deen, saw the dangers in adopting the 3 S.E.P for cryptocurrencies and advised on the need to make the changes.

What does this mean?

This mean that both the buyer and the seller of the crypto currency (Bitcoin and other Supported Altcoin) must be involved in a seamless transfer of funds and cryptocurrency to the Mdoreh which will be overseen by one of our Brokers. This will make transactions more secured and efficient.

If a transaction fails, what happens?

If the buyer or seller fails to initiate the transfer of the crypto currency or funds, the transaction created for the escrow will be marked as failed. All transfers made to the Mdoreh will be reversed in 3 working days as the case may be. The defaulter will be black listed and banned from using Mdoreh as the case may be.